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My very first documented venture would be the oh so lovely top loader washing machine. Well let’s start of this story by filling in some facts, número uno we are renters and have the fantastic joy of possessing used appliances passed down through countless years of previous tenants. Fancy huh? So over these years, 7 to be exact I’m guessing the washing machine was getting a whole lot of tlc. So just a short 18 months later (sigh) I finally got around to it. First on the agenda I scoured though countless amounts of information on the good old World Wide Web and then jumped in head first to find. I about passed out to find what had been lurking in the dark corners of my washer. Please if you have small children around cover their eyes what your about to see will be disturbing! 


Step 1: Remove the middle agitator then yell for your hubby to come look at what you found.


These guys will need a good ole fashion soak in some HOT soapy water and then you can begin with the actual cleaning of the inside machine.

Step 2: Set the washer on the largest load and hottest water temperature? Fill with one quart bleach, run on the longest cycle with a soak mid way through of 30-60 minutes. (Make sure the machine is completely empty)

Step 3: Run another load, same settings but this time with a quart of distilled white vinegar and I like to sprinkle in a little baking soda too. While the machine is filling up now is the time to wipe down ever inside and outside surfaces by just dipping a microfiber cloth into the already made mixture of vinegar in your washer.

ImageStep 4: Place all your pieces back snapped together and step back in awe of what you have accomplished.

ImageImageJust think now what a difference it will make, I mean who wants to wash their clothes in a dirty tub of water anyway? This too should increase efficiency of each cycle and help to extend the years left on your machine!!

Thanks for stopping by, please comment with any tips and tricks I may have missed I love getting new ideas and feedback from ya’ll! Until next time muahhhh!