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Well hello there my fellow mommies (and daddy’s too of course). Welcome to my blog page, and I’ll use that term loosely. I hope you don’t mind incorrect grammar and run on sentences, because truth be told I’m not a writing expert. So why start a blog you ask? Well that’s simple…..Pinterest of course duhhh haha. In all honesty this idea began bubbling in my head on one of those typical mommy late nights, ya know the ones where everyone is peacefully snuggled in their beds but your up awake scrolling through Pinterest plotting to re-stain your kitchen cabinets in the morning. I figured I would love an outlet to share some of my wacky off the way mommy stories, maybe teach a few new tips and tricks and hopefully learn a lot from others along the way. There you have it “drumroll please” the birth of my third child my very own Blog “Momma of Two Shows You” So sit back relax and enjoy the ride.